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Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Speaker Phone

  • Mic Near Voice Gates On, Others Gate Off
  • 16 Digit LCD, Caller ID, Time of Day & Call Duration
  • Full Duplex with 3 Echo Cancellers and 3 Built-In Microphones
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    New Polycom SoundStation2 Conferencing Speaker Phone with (3) Echo Cancellors and Gating.
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    SoundStation2 EX Microphones: $179

    These mics only work with SoundStation2 EX.

    Polycom SoundStation2 EX Microphones.

    Carry Case:  $49 Neoprene case holds phone, mics & cables.

    15' Mic Cables:  $35
    Replaces 2-7' incl. cables

    25' Mic Cables:  $35
    Replaces 2-7' incl. cables

    Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter:  $119

    Konexx Konference will adapt a conference phone to connect to a digital phone. It connects to your phone's coiled handset cord to provide an analog signal to the conference phone.

    Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter
    Polycom Premier Trade-in Discounts

    Polycom Premier 3yr Maintenance: $69

    Polycom Premier Maintenance includes overnight component replacement, unlimited technical support, and software updates. Its not a lot of money to protect your investment.

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    Polycom Premier Replacement
  • SoundStation2 Specs
  • SS2 User Guide

  • Polycom SoundStation 2 Audio Conferencing Speakerphone

    Bundled Price: $649
    SoundStation2 EX + 2 EX Mics

    Eliminates "Well-Effect" And Other Meeting Distractions

    The SoundStation2 Basic is only $359. All SoundStation2 models are designed to address the needs of business meetings. The room size, audio dynamics, meeting type, and number of participants determine the model required. All SoundStation2 models incorporate hi-tech features such as gating, dynamic noise reduction and echo-cancelling to eliminate the "well effect." Other distractions to business conference calls include the ambient sound from forced-air HVAC systems, paper rustling, and projector fans. The idea is that if we eliminate distractions, business will be conducted more efficiently and more effectively so that your organization will produce powerful bottom-line results.

    • Full Duplex with Acoustic Clarity Technology
    • Each Microphone has a Dedicated Echo Canceller
    • Intelligent Gated Microphone Mixing
    • Dynamic Noise Reduction
    • Displays Caller ID, Number Dialed & Time on Call
    • 3 Configurable Soft Keys and 25 Speed Dial Numbers
    • Cell Phone Dialing for Fast Access to Contact Numbers
    • Selectable Ring Tones


    SoundStation2 Non-Expandable Model.
    GAVX Price: $439

    High performance conferencing speaker phone. This is the non-expandable version of the SoundStation 2 with a display. It cannot accommodate extended microphones but other than expandability, this model is the same as the EX. It will accommodate rooms up to 15' x 20' with normal ceiling heights. It can accommodate a group size of 1-15 people. If the room size is larger you will need additional mics this model cannot support.

    SoundStation2 EX

    This is the expandable SoundStation2 conference speakerphone. EX stands for EXpandable. It has both the electronics and the jacks to accommodate extended microphones. With the extended microphones added; this EX model will accommodate rooms twice as large, higher ceilings, and twice the number of people.

    Polycom SoundStation 2 EX
    GAVX Price: $529

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    SoundStation2 Basic: $359

    Polycom's Entry Level-Priced Conference Speaker Phone is just $359. This is the SoundStation2 without a display. Without a display there is no caller ID, call timer, or number dialed display. The SoundStation2 Basic does not have electronics or jacks for adding external microphones. It is jam-packed with features though. It is full-duplex. It has three independant echo cancellers, dynamic noise reduction, and intelligent mixing (gating) just like the SoundStation2 EX.

    Polycom SoundStation 2 Basic
    GAVX Price: $359

    SoundStation2 offers many new features, including a large backlit display that offers easily visible call information and telephone functions. Smart technology, such as Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), provides maximum microphone sensitivity, while reducing distracting room and background noise. And the SoundStation 2 offers 360-degree microphone coverage with intelligent mixing - so only the microphone closest to the speaker is on for crystal clear conferencing. Add traditional telephone features like redial, mute, transfer, and hold and you have a conference phone that's also familiar and easy to use.

    • More productive calls - Polycom's patented Acoustic Clarity Technology allows simultaneous, natural, freeflowing conversation
    • Hear and be heard clearly - Twice the loudness and microphone sensitivity of the original SoundStation® eliminate ear strain and repetition
    • Backlit display provides important information - Displays console phone number, number called, duration/progress of call and supports worldwide Caller ID
    • Ability to increase coverage - Optional extension microphones expand coverage for larger conference rooms
    • Easy to use and install - Connects into any analog phone jack and can be connected to a PBX with an analog extension
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