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    Polycom Premier Maintenance includes overnight component replacement, unlimited technical support, and software updates. Its not a lot of money to protect your investment.

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  • SoundPoint Pro 225 Specs
  • Polycom SoundPoint Pro SE-225 - Refurb

    Corporate-quality conferencing from your desktop
    SoundPoint Pro SE-225 seamlessly integrates handset and headset telephone functionality with crystal clear, hands-free voice conferencing in an elegant personal business phone.

    With the touch of a button, SoundPoint Pro lets you hold clear, multipoint conference calls with up to two additional participants. Polycom's Acoustic Clarity Technology enables callers to speak when they want, without the clipped sentences and oneway conversations that are common with ordinary business speakerphones. The SoundPoint Pro has versatile features like a front-facing microphone for individual use and a rear microphone for dual-mic, 360-degree coverage in group conferencing situations. Plus, you can connect an optional headset for high-quality, hands-free applications.

    END-OF-LIFE: The SoundPoint Pro phone line was discontinued by Polycom. We now sell pre-owned SoundPoint Pro SE-225, SE-220, and standard SoundPoint Pro phones because of the high demand from our customers.

    SoundPoint Pro SE-225 Order your $249 Polycom SoundPoint Pro SE-225 today!

    Sale Price: $259


    Full-featured 2 line business phone

    Acoustic Clarity Technology Allows simultaneous natural conversation the industry s best full duplex

    360-degree room coverage Two microphones provide 360-degree room coverage for offices All-in-one conferencing Easily switch between speakerphone, headset, and handset modes

    Based on proven technology Utilizes the same industry-leading conferencing technology that has made Polycom SoundStation® conference phones the top choice of corporations worldwide

    Easy-to-install and use Plugs directly into power outlet and standard analog telephone jack

    In a home or corporate office, speak naturally without wires and get more done efficiently and productively with SoundPoint Pro SE-225.

    What is full-duplex?
    Full-duplex is the ability to communicate in 2 directions simultaneously so that more than one person can speak at a time. Half-duplex means that only one person can talk at a time, which is unnatural in normal free-flowing 2-way communications, like conference calls. SoundPoint's crystal-clear, full-duplex audio allows you to speak in 2 directions at the same time ... as naturally as speaking face-to-face!

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