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  • HD Voice, Full-Duplex, No Echo
  • IP AND Analog Dual-Mode Conference Phone
  • Broad VoIP, SIP Compatibility, Web Configuration
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    SoundStation Duo

    Polycom SoundStation Duo dual-mode analog and IP conference phone provides the ultimate in deployment flexibility and best-in-class investment protection.

    Designed for small to midsize rooms, SoundStation Duo is easy to setup and use, and delivers Polycom's legendary audio performance. In VoIP environments, the SoundStation Duo conference phone delivers the most robust standards-based interoperability in the industry.

    Click for large view of SoundStation Duo conference speaker phone.

    Polycom SoundStation Duo
    The phone's large backlit display offers easily visible call information, telephone functions, and broad multi-language support. From Polycom HD Voice technology and full-duplex audio to the latest in echo cancellation and resistance to mobile phone and wireless device interference, the SoundStation Duo conference phone delivers unrivaled group conferencing experiences without distractions. We recommend Duo for rooms up to 20 ft. X 15 ft. in size with 6-8 people.

    SoundStation Duo with EX Mics
    Polycom SoundStation Duo with Expansion Microphones is able to work effectively in rooms up to 30 ft. X 20 ft. with 10-15 people.

    Click for larger view of SoundStation Duo with Expansion Microphones.

    Expansion Microphones
    Expansion Microphones can be bought in our bundle for a little less than buying them separately. However, the beauty of the Polycom SoundStation Duo is that it is expandable. If you are not sure that your conference room needs the EX Mics, or if you are not sure that your next office space will have a larger conference room, you don't need to buy the Expansion Mic set when you buy your conference phone. You can always add it later. Expandability is great!

    Unrivaled Investment Protection
    Future-Proof your Conference Room: Whether you currently have a traditional analog connection or have already migrated to Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, the Polycom SoundStation Duo conference phone works.

    Click for large view of a Polycom SoundStation Duo Conference Room Installation Business Meeting.

    Buy SoundStation Duo

    Polycom SoundStation Duo:  $619
  • Dual-Mode IP & Analog Phone
  • CAT5 and Standard Phone Line Cords
  • Power Injection Module with 21 ft Cable
  • Universal power supply and power cord
  • Quick Start Guide
  • SoundStation Duo w/ 2 Mics:  $799
  • Dual-Mode IP & Analog Phone
  • Expansion Microphone Set
  • CAT5 and Standard Phone Line Cords
  • Power Injection Module with 21 ft Cable
  • Universal power supply and power cord
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Total Coverage Warranty
  • Next Day Replacement
  • Software Upgrades
  • 1 Year Warranty :  $63
    3 Year Warranty :  $160
      SoundStation Duo Benefits
    • IP AND Analog Capable Dual-Mode Phone
    • Wide VoIP-SIP Platform Compatibility
    • Standard Business Line Compatibility
    • (3) Internal Mics
    • Web Configuration Tool
    • Auto Failover from IP to Analog and Failback
    • Connect to Cell Phones and PC's
    • Echo Cancellation
    • Noise Elimination
    • Caller ID
    • Large Backlit Display
    • Full Duplex Audio
    Click for large view of a Polycom SoundStation Duo Conference Room Installation Business Meeting.

    The obvious choice for crystal clear group audio conferencing Large organization or small, thousands of conference rooms or just one, you have a need to bring dispersed teams, business partners, and customers together to communicate and collaborate. Conference phones from Polycom have become the de facto standard for connecting groups of people across multiple locations. With the Polycom® SoundStation® Duo conference phone, Polycom has taken the concepts of group productivity tool and standard office workhorse to a new level for small to midsize rooms, delivering the ultimate in deployment flexibility, ease of use, and audio quality.

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    EX Microphones: $199
  • (2) Expansion Mic's
  • (2) 7 ft. Mic Cables
  • Polycom Expansion Microphones for SoundStation Duo, SoundStation2 EX, SoundStation2W EX and SoundStation IP 6000.
    15' Mic Cables: $35
  • For Expansion Mics

  • Computer Calling Kit:  $35
  • 1.5m Cable connects Phone to computer's 3.5mm mic/line in & line out jacks

  • Cell Phone Kit: $35
  • 2.5mm X 4 ft. Cable

  • Konexx Konference
  • Digital Phone Adapter
  • Converts to Analog
  • Connects to Handset Cord
  • Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter
  • SoundSt. Duo Data Sheet
  • VoIP/SIP Compatibility List