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Konexx Konference VoIP and Digital Phone Adapter

  • Designed for Conference Speaker Phones
  • Works with VoIP and Digital Telephone Systems
  • Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter: $119
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Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter
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  • Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter

    Connect Analog Conferencing Phone to Digital and VoIP Phones
    Problem solved without a technician! The Konexx Konference quickly attaches to the handset cord of any phone. This gives you access to the features of your phone system for call transfers and speed dials. It allows you to have a private conversation prior to connecting to the conference speaker phone. Konexx conference phone adapter connects any business phone system to a Polycom or ClearOne analog conferencing phone.

    Konexx Konference

    Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter
    Sale Price: $119

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    Using Analog Phones on Digital Phone Systems
    Almost every business phone system is digital yet there is no standard for digital phones and VoIP systems, being digital, are also problematic. Every phone system manufacturer builds their systems with a proprietary digital signalling language that they protect as intellectual property and consider to be copyright protected. This Is Why A Person Cannot Just Purchase A Digital Conference Speaker Phone That Would Work On Any System. Even analog systems with multiple lines can be complicated to connect a Polycom or ClearOne to.

    Your phone vendor could install an analog station card in your phone system. Although this might cost over $1,000, it will provide you with up to 8 analog station ports. Your system may already have one. The Avaya Partner system uses analog lines so an adapter is not necessary. Finally, you could just install a dedicated line but you will lose the ability to transfer a call to or from the conference room. The easy solution which works with all phones is the Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter.

    Using Analog Phones on VoIP Phone Systems
    Konexx Konference is a also a great choice for a VoIP phone adapter to connect a Polycom or ClearOne analog conference speakerphone directly to a VoIP telephone on an IP Telephone system. VoIP phone systems are actually digital phone systems which connect to an IP network instead of telephone lines provided by a local phone company.

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