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ClearOne MaxAttach EX Expandable Conferencing System

  • Modular Expansion Allows Multi-Purpose Utilization
  • Superior Noise Control, Echo Cancellation & Audio Quality
  • High Quality Speaker, 3-Microphones & Dial-Pad on All Pods
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MAXAttach EX Expandable Wired Conference Speaker Phone System.
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    MAX EX Expansion Kit:  $299

    ClearOne MAX EX Expansion Kit

    Includes phone (as shown) and connecting cable but no base unit for telephone line and power connection.

    MAXAttach Power Supply Upgrade Kit:  $169

    ClearOne MAX EX Power Supply Upgrade Kit

    Power Supply Upgrade Kit allows phones to be split to use in separate rooms.

    Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter:  $119

    Konexx Konference will adapt a conference phone to connect to a digital phone. It connects to your phone's coiled handset cord to provide an analog signal to the conference phone.

    Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter
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  • Max EX Specs
  • MAX EX Manual
  • ClearOne MaxAttach EX Conferencing Speakerphone

    ClearOne MAXAttach™ conferencing system provides unprecedented expansion capabilities to ensure complete microphone and loudspeaker coverage. The two to four phones included in a MAXAttach conferencing system enable even distribution of microphones and loudspeakers as well as centralized access to dialing, mute and volume controls. The MAXAttach features advanced audio technology typically found only in high-end installed audio systems, including Distributed Echo Cancellation®, noise cancellation and advanced microphone activation processes.

    MaxAttach Room Applications Diagram

    MAXAttach Sale Price: $529

    ClearOne MAXAttach Expandable Conference Speaker Phone System.

    Includes (1) MAX EX and (1) Expansion Kit which is a second Max EX phone without a power supply. The two units integrate into one system covering twice the space and number of participants.

    • Easy set up and operation-   just plug the base station into a power outlet and analog telephone jack
    • Automatic Level Control-  automatically adjusts microphone volume levels based on how loudly participants in the local room are talking to improve voice quality for far-end participants
    • Automatic Gain Control-  automatically adjusts loudspeaker volume based on the incoming audio signal from the far end to provide clear, intelligible audio in the local room

    Truly a one size fits all conferencing solution. It comes with two phones, for greater coverage in larger conference rooms, and can also be expanded up to four linked phones using the MAX EX Expansion Kit. Additionally, the two phones can be used in separate rooms with the purchase of an extra power supply base unit.

    MAXAttach Plus Two

    The MAXAttach Plus Two includes a MAX EX phone with power supply and three of the MAX EX Expansion kits.

    MAXAttach plus Two Expansion kits.
    Sale Price: $979 (List $1,399)

    MAXAttach Plus One

    MAXAttach Plus One includes a MAX EX phone with power supply and two of the MAX EX Expansion kits.

    MAXAttach plus one Expansion kit.
    Sale Price: $769 (List $1,099)

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