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ClearOne Max Wireless Conference Speaker Phone

  • ClearOne Max Wireless List Price $699: On Sale For $389
  • Secure Digital Spread Spectrum 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
  • Gentner Distributed Echo Cancellation & Dynamic Noise Cancellation
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ClearOne MAX Wireless Conference Speaker Phone.
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    12 Hr Battery: $59
    12 hour talk time battery replacement or upgrade.

    Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter:  $119

    Konexx Konference will adapt a conference phone to connect to a digital phone. It connects to your phone's coiled handset cord to provide an analog signal to the conference phone.

    Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter
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  • Max Wireless Specs
  • ClearOne Max Wireless Conferencing Speakerphone

    When meeting with Clients using Max Wireless ... You're virtually there.
    ClearOne brought wireless to the conference table when they introduced the Max Wireless. Utilizing multiple microphones and multiple echo cancellers, the Max Wireless also brings Gentner Distributed Echo Cancellation and Gentner Dynamic Noise Cancellation to the tabletop. The phone also applies key conference room microphone management features such as "gating." The microphone closest to the speaker gates-on and the other mics gate-off. This reduces background sound by over sixty percent. More importantly, all of these features filter unwanted sound so that the other end of the call will be able to receive your message loud and clear.

    Max Wireless
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    Max Wireless will handle a room up to 15 x 20 ft with up to 8 people. Move up to the MaxAttach Wireless for larger rooms and larger groups of people.

      Product Features
    • Digital spread spectrum provides completely secure conferencing
    • 150-foot wireless signal range allows use in multiple rooms without moving the base unit
    • Up to 8 hours of talk-time lets you conduct lengthy conferences without recharging
    • Dual-function power supply/charger enables you to continue your conference while charging
    • 4-hour charging time quickly prepares phone for its next conference
    • Automatic power-save mode conserves battery life
    • 360 microphone coverage ensures all participants are being heard
    • Speed dial stores 10 frequently dialed numbers

    ClearOne is not a new-comer or small player in audio communications. ClearOne was formerly Gentner which has been a recognized name in Installed Audio, Radio Show Equipment, and Special equipment for the hearing impared for many years. ClearOne dominates corporate,religeous, and government markets for installed audio systems that cost any where from several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars You can feel confident that your ClearOne product among the finest pieces of equipment you can buy.

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