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  • VoiceStation 300 & 500
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  • SoundStation2 & EX
  • ClearOne MAX EX
  • ClearOne MAXAttach EX
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    Wireless Conferencing
  • SoundStation2W & EX
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  • MAXAttach Wireless
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    Best Conference Phone
  • SoundStation VTX 1000
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  • Digital Speakerphones
  • Polycom SoundStation IP
  • Konexx Digital Adapter
  • Konexx VoIP Adapter
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    Welcome to the Conference Speaker Phone Store
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    Here you can find product descriptions, pictures of Polycom and ClearOne phones, specifications, and pricing for most audio conference room solutions. And yes, you can buy any Polycom or ClearOne product you want right here. If you don't see it, call us. We can, most likely, ship it out today.

    We are a unit of GAVX Inc.. GAVX began as an HR and IT consulting firm with a business efficiency focus. The key to business efficiency is communications no matter what angle you view efficiency from. The audio and video conference system sales unit has become our core business. We believe in it!

    GAVX Inc.
    Improving the Return from Human Capital Investment

    GAVX Inc. provides audio, video and data communications solutions to corporations, organizations, and governments. We have deep IT, Project Management, HR, and Recruitment expertise that can valuable for Improving the Return from Human Capital Investment in your organization.

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    GAVX provides HR and IT products which include equipment, services, project resources, staffing, and consulting. GAVX does not sell mailing lists. GAVX does not make customer information available, except when specific customer information is necessary to fill that individual customer's request.

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