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Polycom and ClearOne Conferencing Speakerphone Information and Sales

Click on a picture below or a link in the left margin for detailed product descriptions, pictures, pricing, accessory prices and specifications for Polycom and ClearOne Audio Conferencing Systems. You can buy them online or call our US based staff for a free professional consultation.

SoundPoint Pro $259
Click picture for detailed product information.
VoiceStation 300 $299
Click picture for detailed product information.
MAX EX $349
Click picture for detailed product information.
SoundStation2 Basic $359
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VoiceStation 500 $399
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Max Wireless $399 
Click to see ClearOne MAX Wireless Specifications.
SoundStation2 Display $429
Click to see Polycom SoundStation2 with Display Specifications.
SoundStation2W $529
Polycom SoundStation2W with Display Specifications.
SoundStation2 EX $529 
Click to see Polycom SoundStation2 EX Specifications.
MAXAttach EX $599
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SoundStation2W EX $649
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MaxAttach Wireless $699
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SoundStation VTX1000 $799
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MAXAttach Plus One $849
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VTX1000 with 2 Mics and Subwoofer $1,088
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MAXAttach Plus Two $1,059
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Audio Conferencing As A Strategic Business Tool
Create Opportunities with ClearOne and Polycom Audio Conference Systems

Your organization lives and dies depending upon your ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. Yet it is sometimes difficult to get their people in the room with your best resources. Finally you settle for a conference call. There are important decisions that can be put off no longer. Your client's key executive excuses herself from the call before your key players even speak. Maybe she had to. Maybe she was frustrated by the low volume and clipped words. Maybe you could have gotten that commitment from them this time if she would have stayed on the call. Sound familiar? Maybe it is time to get serious about conferencing.

You don't have to settle for a conference call. With a sound investment in audio technology on your side; conference call meetings will always be a good choice and amazingly, your client's key executives stick around to talk. See the Polycom VTX1000 and ClearOne MAXAttach Conferencing Phones. These are the conference systems we recommend for mission critical communications whether corporate, professional, or military. These conferencing systems are also recommended for communications with clients, investors, suppliers or the press.

GAVX Consulting, Pricing, and Experience:
Get a Good Return on your Investment in Audio Conference Equipment

Our goal is to insure that our clients receive the highest level of return on this critical investment in technology. We start by obtaining an accurate assessment of business teleconferencing needs specific to our clients' environment, customers, and employees. We recommend solutions to meet client business and financial needs. Then we are there to assist our customers with installations by phone. We offer professional onsite implementation services and training to improve technology acceptance while allowing clients to maintain focus on their core business. Our pricing is always competitive - even with catalog houses who are not capable of consulting you on the right Conference Speaker Phone for your audio conferencing system needs. We deliver value.

A secure online payment portal is provided for a fast transaction process. If you have special requirements for shipping, like to another location, or three different locations, or by tomorrow at 8am, call us immediately after placing your order online and we will make necessary adjustments to your order.

Call (727) 388-GAVX for a free conference need consultation, to order by phone with your credit card, or to request overnight shipping.

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